My Favorite Fanfiction Quotes

I loved some quotations I read from some Fanfictions..
It’s revolving about Japanese boys from (Johnny & Associates) whom we love

I still remember some of them in my mind, But I just want to put them together here in order to take a look at them from time to time to recall its feelings again and remember how touching & heartwarming it was.






From: “Sweet Surrender” Fan fiction
Pair: (Ryo & Kame)
Rating: + 17
Author: sweetspicyhot

“Lies, even ridiculous ones, have a habit of becoming the truth in our darkest moments”

“Thank you for stepping into the light and letting me see you properly, when it must have been so much easier to stay in the shadow. The risk you have taken has changed my life”

“Ryo tried to stay awake all night just looking at his friend, confident that if he kept his eyes open, he could stop the horrible thing that was to take place the next morning”

“He had gotten him a present. It was a dolphin pendant, made out of murano glass from Venice. He thought the dolphin was fitting because of all those stories about dolphins rescuing people from sharks…. Kame felt that he had been rescued by Ryo himself. He had made almost every part of Kame’s life better. He had become a part of Kame’s life that he could not live without”

“They are able to become softer and more considerate if they meet the right person. And I think Kame and Jin, though they were in love, there was too much passion – and I don’t mean passion as in sex here, but more like in all kind of areas: passion in fighting, in their opinions, in everything –> they never had the chance to be calm. Like two electrons who tried to get closer to each other but every time they do they suddenly get pushed away.
While Ryo and Kame are like proton and electron and can get closer and also emotionally intimate with each other.”


From: “The Twins” Fan Fiction
Pair:  (Ryo & yamapi)
Rating: + 13
Author: bluelillie

“Ryo touch Tomohisa smile while smiling too. “I love your smile. I want you to always smile at me,” he then kissed the smile on Tomohisa’s lips.”

“His heartbeat wouldn’t slow down. It seemed to him that every time they kiss like this, he falls in love all over again”

From: “Your voice, frozen in the wind, surrounds me like snow petals” Fan Fiction
Pair:  (Ryo & Kame)
Rating: + 13
Author: lilly0

“He only kept staring at the ocean, watching the huge waves smashing against the rocks. During summer the ocean and the beach were so attractive for everyone, but during autumn most people stayed away from it. Just Ryo loved it. It was wild and free and still beautiful.”

“It’s selfish to hurt someone just because we feel unsure about ourselves. From now on I’ll try my best to make those around me happy. Even if I’m not happy myself, making the ones I love happy, will give me some peace too”

From: “Lost Heart ” Fan Fiction
Pair:  (Ryo & Yamapi)
Rating: PG
Author: yume16

“Love comes in many different ways. Only because you experienced it once, doesn’t mean you know it all. He is a different person, so it is different with him.”

From: “Kanjani8 Group Drabble-Series” Fan Fiction
Pair:  All possible Kanjani pairings, also including Uchi
Rating: various
Author: lilly0

“He smiles unusually brightly, thinking that no matter how ugly the day will be today…the both of them for sure will shine”

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